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MIS for Healthcare Organization

Created, implemented and trained staff in the use of a web-enabled MIS for Project Concern International's Border Health Initiative (BHI) to centralize business data among its Mexican and California offices. The system allows all of the BHI offices to securely enter and track information regarding the proceedings of staff meetings, grants, and data regarding BHI-sponsored events in real time. Additionally, information about evaluations and BHI contacts - people, committees and organizations - can all be viewed, edited and updated via the website. The system provides data for management decisions and for donor reports that were not previously possible.

Created Time-Saving Reporting System

With another volunteer, developed an MIS system for two Arlington County social service programs that saved one FTE annually. The reporting portion of the system allowed for detailed reporting of metrics for any or all of the workers for any time span with the default time span being the just completed month. This was a huge time-saver.

Designed Update of Education Department System

Wrote: "A Proposed OBEMLA Database Management System: Current Data Collection Practices and a Proposed System for Database Management and Reporting" as part of a multi-year contract with the Department of Education to provide the Office of Bilingual Education and Minority Languages Affairs (OBEMLA) with analyses of special issues.

Created Head Start Logistical System

Created a travel agent-like, real-time networked system for a three-year $5 million Head Start On-Site Review Support project that involved sending out teams of from one to ten Head Start officials and peer reviewers to over 400 Head Start sites nationwide each year. The system provided the means to dispense and track the travel, per diem, honoraria and other expenses involved in fielding review teams.

Designed Youth Evaluation System in Jamaica

Designed tracking and evaluation system for 11,000 at-risk youth in Jamaica who were tutored and trained in Jamaica by numerous local organizations such as the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Red Cross, etc. in a USAID "Uplifting Adolescence" program.

Established USAID Trainee Information System

Designed and developed computerized information system to monitor and report trainee costs associated with the firm's five year, $20 million U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) contract for the Andean Peace Scholarship Project. The system enabled the firm to rapidly perform training cost analyses for any of the approximately 1,700 trainees by group or country over any specified time period. The trainees were from the four Andean nations of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

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