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In 1963 (above)

Linda, Misty, Lenny, and Larry

What fun!! I am delighted to hear from you, and really looking forward to establishing some contact with old buddies! It will be great to see where everyone is and what is happening in their lives.

A 40th reunion would be great! Did I miss any reunions in the last 30 years??

I have no idea how to summarize all that has happened in the last 38 years! (Where is Betty Niles when I need her?) Linda and I are still dating! Actually we will celebrate our 35rd wedding anniversary in July, 2003.). We married right after both of us finished our math degrees at Purdue. With the exception of four years in the Air Force, we've lived in Brownsburg for almost all of our married life. I worked as a systems analyst for Lilly and Linda was a stay-at-home mom/ math tutor for the first ten years or so.

In 1985, Linda returned to teaching math at Brownsburg Junior High (also part-time at Butler and Ivy Tech), and retired after 15 years. She began interpreting for the deaf about ten years ago and hopes to continue to do that in retirement years! In 1979, I left Lilly to attend Cincinnati Bible Seminary and began a ministry at Cornerstone Christian Church in Brownsburg where he served as senior minister for twenty years until March of 2000.

Our three children are all happily married, and we have a five-year-old grandson with two more grandsons who are three years old.

Currently we are living in Nova Scotia! We moved here in March to be involved in starting a new church in the Halifax area. This is the most beautiful place on earth!! We love it here, and are really excited about the work we are doing.

Current Picture #2 Current Picture #3

Left: Brian and Laura Williams with Christopher
Middle: Brian and Lydia Rockey
Right: Lenny and Misty Bellville

Linda, Misty, Lenny, and Larry