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In 1963 (above)

Joyce Hadley and Becky Colescott visiting in California. Thanksgiving,2002

One year at Ball State, married, had 3 children while living in Indianapolis. Moved to Dallas, Memphis, Nashville, Chicago and finally Kinnelon,NJ in 1978. Went back to school and graduated with a degree in accounting in 1981. Divorced, remarried 29 years ago. When we married , we had 6 teenagers between us. Made for some very interesting moments. When company I was working for downsized in 1999, I retired. My husband has some challenging health issues and we decided to spend more time together. Most of my leisure time is spent sewing doll clothes for the American Girl doll and playing tennis, when my husband Bob and I arenít traveling to see one of the children. They are scattered from coast to coast so that keeps us busy.